Enjoy a selection of my Workshop Pills, a series of short video tutorials created to share with you my tips and to introduce you to life during our Workshops around the world!

WORKSHOP PILLS #1 | One morning on the Dolomites, during my 2019 Workshop. Working at Passo Giau, under an amazing sky!

WORKSHOP PILLS #2 – A polariser would work just fine! One evening on the Dolomites…

WORKSHOP PILLS #3 – I like bold choices! Working on different compositions in Cinque Terre…

WORKSHOP PILLS #4 – Go for it! Playing with abstracts in Cinque Terre…

WORKSHOP PILLS #5 – I am happy! Finding compositions hidden between the rocks on the stunning Cornish coast.

WORKSHOP PILLS #6 – It’s amazing, dramatic, fantastic! I love the truly unique and moody light conditions of the Cornish sky on a stormy day!

WORKSHOP PILLS #7 – Stopping the rain! A bit tongue in cheek, but when you are caught in the rain and the rain is not too heavy, even very little can be enough to prevent drops on your filters.

WORKSHOP PILLS #8 – A good call! Behind a good photograph there often is a good call made in respect of the weather. Deciding where to go, on a particular day, isn’t always easy. Time and experience definitely help.

WORKSHOP PILLS #9 – It’s all about the joy! Too often, caught up between camera specs, technical problems, rules of this and that, we forget the most important thing: it always should be about the joy, first and foremost!

PILLS #10 – Worst case scenario… We hear too often about reckless people getting hurt, or worse. Safety always comes first, no photo is worth being taken if you aren’t going to be there to see it after!

WORKSHOP PILLS #11 – We have a very short window! When in the field in a place such as Iceland, where the weather changes really fast, sometimes we really only have a very short window to get that truly special shot…

WORKSHOP PILLS #12 – The chainsaw here is beautiful! Exploring Ice Caves in Iceland is a truly unforgettable experience and working in there you can really let your fantasy roam free…

WORKSHOP PILLS #13 – Shapeless slab of grey! Long exposures are a great tool, and I love using them when they are functional to my vision. However, oftentimes this is not so – it all depends on the kind of clouds and/or water you have, and on the mood you are after…

WORKSHOP PILLS #14 – Portrait vs Landscape orientation? An old debate among landscape photographers, sometimes taken to the extreme by some who maintain that landscape photography must be done in landscape orientation only (!). This is my recommendation…

WORKSHOP PILLS #15 – So many shots, so little time! Sometimes, weather conditions and your chosen location get together so well that you almost have too many things to shoot, and too little time. When this happens, you have to be very alert and very fast…

WORKSHOP PILLS #16 – Get the bisons! When in the landscape, I love to get inspired by the visual similitudes between what is in front of me and characters of a story, animals, anything – this happens often in Iceland, especially when working on ice shapes, like in the video here.

WORKSHOP PILLS #17 – Play with the dunes… Vestrahorn, in Iceland, is an amazing location and I love to use the snow-capped dunes to organise my compositions there.

WORKSHOP PILLS #18 – Three totally different images! At amazing Vestrahorn, in Iceland, the ever-changing Icelandic weather makes sure that you’ll get different images at every visit, even if just after one day!

WORKSHOP PILLS #19 – Here is like… balmy! During one of the worse Icelandic winter storms in recent years, I decided to stay in Vik where I thought we’d be protected from the storm – a perfect call, allowing us to work even when Iceland was completely shut down!

WORKSHOP PILLS #20 – Before starting processing… Post-processing is a fundamental part of digital photography. Before starting to work on an image, however, is paramount to pre-visualise what want your image to look like.

WORKSHOP PILLS #21 – Two different people, two different ideas… Landscape photography means creating our own interpretations: no two people create the same image, even working side by side!

WORKSHOP PILLS #22 – Really Right Stuff tripods are my choice for camera support since 2018. In this video, I explain shortly the differences between Really Right Stuff TVC and TFC tripods in the field.

WORKSHOP PILLS #23 – Waterfall photography tips: watch out for the foam!

WORKSHOP PILLS #24 – Grad ND filters are an amazing tool for landscape photography: here you’ll find some tips for their use!

WORKSHOP PILLS #25 – One of the advantages of digital is that film is free, so to speak. This allows us to experiment with different focal lengths and composition to our heart’s content, an opportunity not to be missed.

WORKSHOP PILLS #26 – Studio light behind the clouds… Sometimes, nature is just surprising us with a light show that looks almost unreal, just like having giant reflectors in the sky to soften the light for us!

WORKSHOP PILLS #27 – When working in Iceland, our “Safety First” motto is even more important than in less extreme environments. A couple of tips to work on the Diamond Beach at Jokulsarlon

WORKSHOP PILLS #28 – In Iceland, the weather influences compositions dramatically, creating opportunities for original images even in the most iconic locations.

WORKSHOP PILLS #29 – A morning at Kirkjufell


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