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As an enthusiastic amateur I was initially concerned that I might not be able to cope having never used graduated or neutral density filters before. I needn’t have worried. First of all Vieri and Zeynep’s detailed research and knowledge means that they know the best locations and you are driven to a location with plenty of time to access the location and set up in the best position. The small size of the classes means you get pretty much undivided attention whenever you need it and Vieri’s detailed technical knowledge means any questions or issues can be quickly answered or resolved. I am delighted with the shots I took but have no doubt that the only reason I got them was from your expert advice. Thank you Vieri and Zeynep!

David Newman
Iceland '19, Death Valley '20



WELCOME TO OUR FAROE ISLANDS PHOTOGRAPHY WORKSHOP | The Faroe Islands are a small but amazingly beautiful group of islands in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. Their rugged, majestic, wild and primordial looking landscapes are incredibly inspiring, and the moody weather helps making this a must-go destination for all landscape lovers and one where you’ll want to return multiple times for more. I have been exploring, loving and photographing the Faroe Islands since 2021, and I dedicated many weeks to their incredible landscapes.

After leading a first, extremely successful and rewarding Workshop in 2022, I am looking forward to return to these spectacular islands for more Workshops in 2023! Next March, I am looking forward to putting at your service all my knowledge of these spectacular islands, together with my extensive experience leading nearly 70 Workshops so far. Together we’ll let the Faroese landscapes and Atlantic weather inspire us, and I’ll help you create your original, unique photographs of these spectacular, iconic landscapes!


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The Workshop’s balance is due 60 DAYS before the Workshop’s start

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OVER 30 INSPIRING LOCATIONS | During our 8 days of The Faroe Islands Photography Workshop, we’ll have over 30 locations available to photograph. Together we’ll photograph Faroe’s most iconic locations, such as Drangarnir, Risin og Kellingin, Sorvagsvatn, Trollkonufingur and more, we’ll work on the island’s most impressive waterfalls such as Fossa, Mulafossur, Svartidalurfoss and more, we’ll portray the beauty of the beaches, rocky shores, sea stacks, churches and more.

BRING YOUR VISION TO LIFE | Whether we’ll photograph iconic locations or lesser-known ones, don’t worry, you won’t go back home with the same images as everyone else! Thanks to my knowledge of the locations, during our Faroe Islands Photography Workshop I’ll keep you away from the crowds and I’ll help you bringing your vision to life photographing these iconic landscapes from new and fresh vantage points, in your own original and personal way, rather than just replicate a list of shots that others did before you.

DETAILED LOCATIONS LIST | To create the best images possible, I’ll select our shooting locations for any given day according to that day’s weather. For image tagging, and for your record, a detailed list of the locations we photographed will be provided to you during the Workshop.

During our Faroe Islands Photography Workshop, we’ll photograph some of the most spectacular and unique landscapes on the planet under the most beautiful, moody light, for the Workshop of a lifetime! Enjoy some of the locations that we’ll photograph together (click on the images to enlarge):



TIME: 10.00 a.m. (latest)


TIME: by 7.00 p.m.

SCHEDULE & ACCOMMODATION | During our Faroe Islands Photography Workshop, we will spend seven nights in Torshavn. Choosing a 3 people group Workshop or a Workshop One-on-One, you’ll enjoy staying in high quality hotels, in single occupancy en-suite rooms (unless you have different requirements). Choosing a Prestige One-on-One Workshop, you’ll enjoy the best luxury hotels available at our destination (see OUR WORKSHOPS for more information). Detailed accommodation information will be provided to you close to the Workshop’s start.

DAILY PROGRAM | During our Workshop together, we’ll photograph every day, including the first and last day of the trip. To take advantage of the best light, we’ll go out to photograph at sunrise and sunset every day, adding as many daytime shooting sessions as well as the weather will let us.

Since we’ll select our shooting locations for any given day according to that day’s weather, and since I have no way to know what the weather’s going to be like in advance, it would make little sense to publish a detailed daily program here, only to have to change it later. Please see THE LOCATIONS for more info, and to get an idea of what we’ll photograph. Generally speaking, a typical Workshop day will run like this:

– Sunrise photography session, arriving on location at least one hour before sunrise, to take advantage of the long golden hour
– Back to the hotel for breakfast
– Image review, image selection and post-processing sessions, working together on developing your Portfolio and optimizing your Workflow
– Lunch
– On location for our afternoon and sunset photography sessions
– Dinner

The broad daily schedule above may vary either according to the locations visited on a particular day, or depending on our traveling schedule, on weather conditions, and such.


PHOTOGRAPHIC LEVEL | Open to everyone, from beginners to professionals. No matter what your level is, thanks to our trademark maximum attendance of three people, choosing our Workshops you’ll always have enough One-on-One time with me to make the most of your Workshop. See LEARNING LANDSCAPE PHOTOGRAPHY for more information about what we’ll be working on during our time together.

PHYSICAL LEVEL | WALKS & HIKES: MOderate. TERRAIN: Uneven / Rocky shores. During our Faroe Islands Photography Workshop, be prepared to work on the seaside on sandy & rocky shores. Longest hike is 45 minutes on level ground; steepest hike is 20-30 minutes with moderate elevation gain. Temperatures will be mild in September, with the occasional windy and rainy day. In case you won’t feel comfortable reaching a particular shooting spot, on almost all our locations various alternatives will be available for you to enjoy no matter what your fitness level is. See PREPARING FOR YOUR WORKSHOP for level & terrain description, and don’t hesitate to CONTACT ME if you have any questions about your fitness level for this Workshop.

MY TEACHING PHILOSOPHY | As a tutor, I strongly believe in fostering individuality and in sharing everything I know without holding back. During our Workshop together, under an artistic point of view I’ll dedicate all my experience and knowledge to inspiring you to bring your vision to life, not to impose you mine. Under a technical point of view, together we’ll work in-depth on landscape photography specific techniques, developing your photographic skills and answering any questions you might have.

IMAGE REVIEW & PORTFOLIO SELECTION | After a photo trip, it can be hard to select the best out of hundreds of photographs. During out time together, I am looking forward to our trademark image reviews sessions, a fundamental moment to share with you my technical and artistic tips to improve the images you took, to offer you pointers for our next sessions in the field and to help you choose the best images to add to your Portfolio.

POST-PROCESSING | Post-processing is a fundamental, powerful part of the digital image creation process. However, putting post-processing’s power to a good use is definitely not easy, both technically and – most importantly –  artistically. During our Workshop together, I will walk you through my post-processing Workflow, demonstrating how to go from shooting to a classy, powerful and impressive image in a few easy steps.


COMFORT | At Vieri Bottazzini Workshops, we believe that we work best when we are enjoying ourselves. Choosing our Faroe Islands Photography Workshops, you’ll enjoy the best accommodation & food available, you won’t have to worry about logistics or safety, and you’ll be free to concentrate on creating beautiful images of Faroe’s amazing landscapes.

SAFETY | During our Workshops, your safety is always our first priority. From organization and logistics to our choice of our shooting locations, from the most modern technologies to knowledge and experience, we take pride in preparing our Workshops in painstaking detail to minimize any possible risk and offer you the most fun, rewarding and enjoyable photographic experience. Click to read about OUR COMMITMENT TO YOUR SAFETY.

COVID-19 | FALL 2022 WORKSHOP SEASONS MEASURES | While we got used to traveling with the Covid-19 pandemic, during all our Workshops we’ll take all necessary precautions to keep everyone safe:

1. Local measures | During all our Workshops, we will ask all attendees to comply with all local measures in force at the time and place of the Workshop, NO EXCEPTIONS.

2. Extra onboard precautions | These are the extra safety measures in place during all our Workshops:
a. Face masks. We’ll provide everyone with enough personal FFP2 face masks to last for the whole Workshop. Staff will wear face masks at all times during transfers, and we strongly recommend everyone to do the same.
b. Hand sanitiser. We’ll provide every attendees with a personal bottle of hand sanitiser to keep your hands disinfected during the Workshop.
c. Disinfecting wipes. We’ll have a large supply of sanitising wipes onboard our vehicle at all times.


Vieri Bottazzini is a proud Phase One Local Ambassador

TRY THE PHASE ONE XT | As a Phase One Ambassador I am very pleased to offer you the exclusive opportunity to have a full Phase One XT kit available to try for the whole duration of the Workshop, completely free of charge!

To take advantage of this unique opportunity you’ll have to reserve your Phase One XT kit at least two months prior to the Workshop’s start. Actual kit might vary upon availability. For details & questions feel free to CONTACT ME .

Vieri Bottazzini is a proud H&Y Ambassador

TRY H&Y FILTERS | As an H&Y Filters Ambassador, I am always carrying a full H&Y Filters magnetic kit for you, available to try for the whole duration of the Workshop completely free of charge!

More, if you’ll decide to purchase your own H&Y Filters kit, I am very happy to offer you a 10% discount on their products.

Just use code Vieri10 on H&Y FILTERS Italian website to redeem!

Vieri Bottazzini is a proud f-stop Gear Staff Pro & Ambassador

ENJOY DISCOUNTS ON f-stop BAGS | After years looking for the perfect solution to carry my gear all over the world, I finally settled for f-stop gear bags and carrying solutions.

As a f-stop gear Ambassador & Staff Pro, it is my pleasure to offer all my Workshop participants a discount on f-stop gear.

Exclusive for my Alumni, enjoy 15% off the best bags on the market (with no kickback whatsoever to me)!

Vieri Bottazzini is a partner of The Heat Company

ENJOY DISCOUNTS ON THE HEAT COMPANY GLOVES | After years trying different gloves, I settled for THE HEAT COMPANY‘s Wind Pro Liner + Shell combination, the only solution that keeps me warm in every climate, no matter how cold.

As a Proud Partner of The Heat Company, I am very happy to offer you a 10% discount on their products (with no kickback whatsoever to me). CONTACT ME to get your discount code!


ICELAND ALUMNI SHOWCASE & WORKSHOP REPORT | Check out our ICELAND WORKSHOP REPORT & ALUMNI SHOWCASE to find out all about life on our Iceland Photography Workshop and get inspired by our Alumni’s Testimonials & images! Below you’ll find a selected Testimonial and a few backstage images out of our previous Iceland Photography Workshops (click on the images to enlarge):

I had a memorable trip to Iceland and had a new experience photographing snow and very tough conditions. I find Vieri and Zeynep very organized and each day thoroughly planned out. They were extremely hospitable and passionate about their work. Vieri was by my side all the time instructing and teaching valuable skills in approaching landscape photography, and I got some great images!

Krishna Moran
Iceland '19


MY RECOMMENDATIONS | Below you’ll find my Workshop-specific recommendations for camera gear, clothing and footwear. Please refer to our PREPARING FOR YOUR WORKSHOP page for my general Workshop recommendation and for more information.





ALL WORKSHOPS | Below a list of features included in all our Workshops, 3 People Group, One-on-One & Prestige One-on-One alike:

WORKSHOPS ONE-ON-ONE & PRESTIGE WORKSHOPS ONE-ON-ONE | For a full list of the extra feature offered by our Workshops One-on-One and Prestige Workshops One-on-One, please check out our OUR WORKSHOPS page.




YOUR WORKSHOP, CARBON NEUTRAL | To offset the carbon footprint created by your trip with us, every time you book one of our Workshops we’ll fund the planting of 250 TREES! All tree-planting work is being done by Eden Reforestation Projects for the purpose of reforestation, agroforestry and reducing extreme poverty through the employment of local villagers. Click to read about OUR COMMITMENT TO THE ENVIRONMENT.

Vieri Bottazzini is a Seed Partner of Eden Projects



See OUR WORKSHOPS for more information about our fixed-dates Private Workshops & Prestige Workshops. If you prefer to create a custom-made Private or Prestige Workshop on your selected dates instead, click on PRIVATE & PRESTIGE WORKSHOPS.

To secure your seat on our fixed-dates Group Workshops and Private & Prestige Workshops, select your Workshop’s dates & type and click on ADD TO CART to send a deposit of:


The Workshop’s balance is due 60 DAYS before the Workshop’s start

Click on the photos to enlarge them:


Vieri Bottazzini, 2020
Vieri Bottazzini, 2020

Vieri Bottazzini is an Italian Fine Art landscape photographer and educator, with a personal style rooted in pure photographic craftsmanship. Passionate about the outdoors, Vieri believes in honouring the majestic power of our planet’s beauty by creating his iconic images using unadulterated photography only. Through his unique black & white and subtly post-processed colour images, Vieri tells stories about the relationship between nature and mankind, exploring the concepts of time and of the surreal. Vieri’s Fine Art work has been viewed millions of times on social media and featured on leading publications such as Medium Format Magazine, LEMAG, Elements-Landscape Photography Magazine, and more.

Vieri leads truly limited attendance 3-people Workshops in places like Iceland, Scotland, England, the Southwest USA, Italy, France and Spain, where he fully shares his knowledge and his art with his Alumni. Vieri’s diverse and vast Portfolio is the culmination of over a decade of passion, love and craftsmanship, of months spent on the road every year, of hundreds of kilometres of hikes and most of all, of a lifetime’s devotion to the arts.

Through his work and tutoring, Vieri aims to inspire others to embrace their inner artist and find their own path to self-expression. [Click to read the FULL BIO]


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