Vieri Bottazzini, 2020
Vieri Bottazzini, 2020

Vieri Bottazzini is an internationally acclaimed Fine Art landscape photographer. His photography has been described as “a poetic journey in landscapes of endless beauty, landscapes he could capture the inner spirit of, by going past their mere appearance in an aesthetic voyage of discovery of our planet’s deepest nature”. Vieri’s work is regularly featured on exhibitions and his large format Fine Art prints are part of several private collections.

Vieri is a proud Phase One Local Ambassador, Formatt-Hitech Signature Artist & Brand Ambassador, f-stop Gear Staff Pro & Ambassador and a Qualified Associate of the BIPP. A former Leica Ambassador & Leica Akademie instructor (2016-2018), starting December 2020 Vieri uses exclusively Phase One equipment to create his Fine Art images.

A passionate and expert teacher, with over 25 years of experience on his back, Vieri believes that his carefully organised, exclusive Workshops with extremely limited attendance (3 people and smaller) are the best way to share his knowledge and enthusiasm for photography with like-minded people.

A prolific writer, Vieri contributes regularly his articles to prestigious magazines such as Medium Format Magazine, LEMAG–Long Exposure Photography Magazine and Elements-Landscape Photography Magazine. Vieri’s blog articles and in-depth reviews are highly regarded for their informational value and trustworthiness.

Thanks to his expertise and objectiveness, Vieri is much in demand as an adjudicator, both as Chair and as member of many international photo competitions’ panels.

Deeply committed to the protection of the environment, Vieri partners with Eden Reforestation Projects, Nature First and Leave No Trace to support reforestation and educational projects.

When he isn’t working in the field, Vieri enjoys the quiet of his home in the Italian Le Marche countryside, where he develops his photos, writes, studies photography, art, history and political economics.

Vieri Bottazzini is a proud Phase One Local Ambassador
Vieri Bottazzini is a Formatt-Hitech Authorised Ambassador & Signature Artist
Vieri Bottazzini is a proud f-stop Gear Staff Pro & Ambassador


“Passionate about the Earth and its beauty since I can remember, I aim to transmit through my photographic interpretations of the planet’s landscapes the emotions that a place and a moment in time awoke in me. Realism and documentary landscape photography hold very little interest to me. What fascinates me, instead, is playing with the thin line between believable and unreal, looking for always new ways of interpreting what I see. This constant search is what motivates me to keep walking along my path of photographic and artistic development.

I strongly believe that a photograph cannot express anything without an artistic vision to inspire it, that no artistic vision is possible without the support of a solid aesthetic behind it, and that no vision can be realised at all without mastering photographic and post-processing techniques. Personally, I don’t care at all about the millions of digital images attacking us every day, most of which feel like gross visual shouts crying for attention during a few seconds’ lifespan. Instead, I follow a classier and more timeless approach to photography and post-processing, and I think that a photograph only becomes real and eternal when printed. It’s only looking at a masterfully printed, powerful image that I can truly feel again the emotions that a scene first awoke in me.” – Vieri

The Grand Canyon (USA)


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